The mess you left by cyanide mishka Via
The mess you left by cyanide mishka Via

Vacant eyes,
Parted lips,
Damp thighs,
Shifting hips.

Pull me in, by my stare, make me want you, oh I’m there.

Wild thoughts,
Wicked dreams,
Lurid visions,
Soundless screams.

Force me down, pull me up, make me beg you, you’re so tough.

Dark moments,
Hard pain,
Soft secrets,
Kisses rain.

Take me places, I don’t care, I’ll go with you, anywhere.

Hours pass,
Minutes press,
Every second,
I’m your mess.

22 thoughts on “Mess

  1. Umpfh~ I’m a hot mess afterwards. That’s the time when I am boneless, draped on the bed. Utterly amazed and dazed, looking at the ceiling, not able to remember my name. Our timing might be different, but the feeling your words evoked is the same.


    1. Hey, DD, you have to really look, but is where I get most of mine. I love that she’s totally nude but you can’t see anything.

      Things are the same, but my life is full, and I’m happy. Great new friends, family changes, career adjustments. Besides being down with the flu right now, things are good.


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