Her fantasy

Lonely by Rigonatti via Deviant Art.com

She snuggles against him, languidly scratching her nails through his beard. She adores his amazing beard. Then, she traces the outline of his lips as he stares out, at nothing.

Spent from an afternoon tryst, she still feels every mark and stroke on her skin, and the sticky, dampness between her thighs. Proof of his deliciously, climactic Dominance.

“Where are you, Sir?”
“Lying next to you, Pet.”
“Not really… You are far away.”
“I’m always far away, little one.”

He turns to her and traces her face, staring into her eyes.

“So, haunting,” he rumbles. “I’m lost, is all, My Pet. You have shown me things that I don’t know what to do with. Opened me…”

Leaning in, his fingers wrap around her throat and pull her lips to his.

His kiss fills her with fire, invading her system like some wayward chemical. He infuses her with his passion, disrupts her mind’s currents, and tears at her broken heart.

As he pulls free, leaving her breathless and wanting, she tries to hypnotize him with those eyes. But he is too far away.

“Please, Sir…”

Then, he is gone. And she is reminded, once again, it is just a fantasy.

Her fantasy.

9 thoughts on “Her fantasy

      1. They make me sad, too. I’ve never handled another person’s longing well…I tend to want them to have what they want – especially if I relate their craving.


  1. Reblogged this on TiesUnbound and commented:
    Amazing post. Most of my followers are here, not because they know me, but because I have good taste and so do they. Although please always remember, White Knights and soulmates, and fairytales do exist. It is always in our ability to have those things happen.


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