the glassy liquid
between her and I
with every stone
I throw
desperate to get her
longing to swim to her
but afraid
of the depth
she floats upon
this pebble falls
straight through
the darkness
landing again in my
open hand
time and time
until it doesn’t
her eyes rise
to meet me
she is awake
and fear grips me
even harder than before
what will become
of me
when she swims
to the shore
will I be cast out
set afloat upon waters
only she could navigate
or will she take my hand
the liquid between us
not meant to divide
but to wrap around
and unite
she is
my reflection
and she tells me it is time
I must go ashore
for I am not broken
but bent
it is time
to be the bender


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Into the unknown by lostknightkg via
Into the unknown by lostknightkg via

My mind is jumbled, I don’t understand.

Why now? What does this mean? How will this work? Who am I going to be?

I’m spinning.

Please keep going, though.

Please continue.


If it’s real, it will stick.

Don’t stop the carousel.

I know it’s real. All of it.

It’s just so unknown.


Carry me into the unknown…