One Year

The air is the same
The sky hasn’t changed
The ground beneath my feet
Is just as solid
But everything is different

A tiny babe has grown
Into a gorgeous toddler
A job that bored me to tears
Has undergone metamorphosis
A love turned to hate turned to ash
Is now abandoned indifference

Friendships have waned and grown
My consummate struggle
The inability to be a proper friend

Family has ebbed into simplistic living
Sharing space in respectful admiration
Where conflict does not reside

Future is now my joy to imagine
With a heart fuller and brighter
Than I ever could have dreamed
Glowing with the magical light
Of a five hour sunrise

One year
Post apocalypse

One year
Balancing the blades I honed for myself

One year
Seeking and finding sweet Melissa

Nothing in life is perfect

But perfection
Can only
Be born