Into the dark

Cold that seeps
Deep into your bones
Silence that boils
Right through your marrow
Darkness that invades
And bleeds you dry.

So why?
Why did you follow?

You knew what
The blackness brings.
You knew how
It would infect your mind.
You knew that
You’d never be free.

So why?
Why did you follow?

I know, little girl
I already understand.
But I need you to tell me
You need to say
Those words that
Will probably be your last.

So why?
Why did you follow?

That’s right…
Go on and tell.
Let your exhausted mind
Allow your body to rest.
You know the truth
Even if your soul is spared…

So why?
Why did you follow me
Into the dark?

Because your bones
Sweet Girl
Belong to me…

My first submission for the The Reverie Journal… For the prompt Bones.

Don’t be scared… it’s just October!