Perched in your lap
Hands on your cheeks
Sipping away at your
Sugar, sweet kisses
Until my jaw aches
And my lips burn


A growl in your throat
Fingers tighten in aggravation
Across my creamy, soft thighs
Pressing the urgency within
Straight through my flesh
To my hungry core


Long, puffed exhales
With soft, liquid smiles
My hands find a path
Beneath your shirt
And dance through
That soft, dark fur beneath


Baring your teeth and
Narrowing your eyes
Wake up, Beast!
Come out and play with me
A giggle bubbles from
Somewhere next to my heart


Determination sets your brow
Your hands cover mine
Pulling them, and me
Around you, against you
Crushing me with the
Strength of a Daddy Bear


Our bodies are not bodies
But fire, light and electricity
Control is lost to these
Primal needs and desires
Unfolding and invading
Like hungry vines in the wild


No more breath, no more sound
Just you, thrusting inside
With furiousity, unmeasured
Deeper, more, harder, faster
Until you still me in one glance
With that carnal look of intimacy


Take me, tease me, torment me
Chase me, Hunt me, Catch me
Over and over, until you cannot
And I surrender, wicked Beast
Because you make me



tingling by be-awesome-or-die via DeviantArt.com
tingling by be-awesome-or-die via DeviantArt.com

Chill in the air does not compare,
To the state you keep me in, unaware.

Check and watch the minutes pass,
Sweet girl… Tingle… Oh, at last.

Clench and wonder about my needs,
Imagining, perhaps, forced to my knees.

Sigh and wait, longer still,
If only patience came in a pill.

At last, whispered words fill me up,
But I don’t think I’ll ever get enough.

Always dripping, wanting more,
Your mess, Your bitch, Your little whore.

Make me beg for your every tease,
Tell me, exactly, how to please.

I accept every command,
Desperately long for your reprimand.

Share with me your deepest desire,
I will light that engulfing fire.

Tie me, take me, terrify me…
Release the beast, please, oh please?

Blinding passion, pleasure and pain,
You lavish upon me, like hot, sweet, rain.

Suck you or fuck me, buried deep,
From my little holes, you will seep.

Ravish me ’til I flop like a doll,
Sated and replete, I will sprawl.

That feeling, of actually filling with light,
It holds me and keeps me, through the night.

Because of the sweetness you coat me with,
That tender hope that is your gift.

Tingle, giggle, sigh and breathe,
Oh, sweet Daddy… You’re what I need.