Wake Me

wake me up by sivel12001 via DeviantArt.com

this solid ache
shredded to strips
binds me blindly
to a place
that doesn’t truly exist
but more real
than anything in

a place inside
my mind and body
where pleasure
meets peace
and all I can
is you

the noise of life
mere memory
drifting away on the
you create

let everything beyond
this bubble
I am your captive
until reality ends
and the dream

walking around
of the moment
you will coax me
gently, brutally, lovingly
to life

Moonlighting, Part four

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As his lips drop to meet mine, I raise my hands to his back, sliding them down and then back up to wind in his soft, chestnut hair.  He moans into my mouth and I feel his erection pressing against my thighs.

I open my legs and wrap them around him, inviting him to enter, wanting him to fill me.  When the tip glides between my lips, I rock my hips pushing him in slightly.  He remains there as his mouth glides over my throat and across my collarbone to my right shoulder.
His teeth skim the sensitive spot, causing my hips to grind against him, pushing him into me further, but not enough.  He swirls his tongue on that spot and my hips swivel while I press his backside with my heels.  “Please, sir…” I beg, breathlessly.

He lifts up onto his knees, pulling out completely, and I whine, arching my back, my body begging for more.

His lips travel down to my breast wear his tongue flicks at my nipple before he takes it between his teeth, while squeezing the other with his fingers.  A deep moan rises from my chest, and I arch further against his mouth.  He torments both nipples, going back and forth between them until I am writhing and begging beneath him.  He grazes down my belly and pushes my knees apart with his hands, opening me to his hungry mouth.

He blows on my clit, and I feel it pulse as his tongue lowers to tease me.  He circles my clit several times, while my hips move of their own accord.  I twist my fingers in his hair, trying to push his face into me, to get more friction, more pressure, but he is strong and resists my insistence.

I whimper and twist, my pussy throbbing and dripping, ready and waiting for anything.  My muscles clench and vibrate, and I wonder for a moment if I might climax just from this.  The thought is pushed immediately out of my mind when his mouth drops to suck and lick my clit, while two fingers find their way inside of me, running back and forth over my G-spot.  His tongue laps at me, and it feels so amazing. My thighs threaten to close, but he holds them open with a shoulder and his other hand.

The pleasure is so intense, I remind myself to breath, as I dig my fingers in his hair.  My hips lift and grind against his face, and he sucks on my clit again, while pounding his fingers inside my cunt.  My moans become quick and low, as I feel the orgasm building, filling me.  He lifts his face to look at me and uses his thumb to push and rub, fast and hard on my clit.  The change is sensation sends me flying and I scream as I bear down and gush onto his bed.

He slides back on top of me, and glides his raging, hard cock into me, quickly filling me before my orgasm has completed.  The fullness pushes me right back to the brink and as he swivels his hips against me, the head of his dick presses against my cervix and I come apart again, this orgasm rocking my entire body until I’m shaking beneath him as he pounds into me.

“Good Girl…” He breathes against my neck and I squeeze my legs around him, slowing him, and wrap my arms around his neck.

“Oh, Martin…” I whimper, and immediately tense, scared that I may have offended him.  He senses my reaction and rises so his lips are against mine while he continues to thrust slowly.

“Say it again…”


“Do you like using my name?”

“Like this, yes….”

“What else would you like to call me?” He asks as he slides a hand beneath my scorched bottom and squeezes.

I suck in a quick breath, the pain quickly sending jolts of pleasure into my clit. “Oh God…” I exhale.

“I like that, but I don’t think you’re calling me God…”

“No… Sir…” His fingers dip between my cheeks and his ring finger presses against my asshole. “Oh, Yes… Sir!”

“Mmmmm, I like Sir.  What else?”

My mind is completely blank, my body responding in ways i hadn’t quite imagined. “Master…”

It escaped my throat almost silently as he hovers above my lips. I will myself to say more, but his smooth rocking and attention to my trigger points has left me unable to compose a thought.

“Yes, my precious slut, I’m your Master.” And with that, he rockets me back up into oblivion.

I lose control of my limbs, and he takes the opportunity to flip me, quickly and easily onto my knees. Caressing my bruised and welted backside, he slides into me before dragging my arms behind my back and holding both wrists in one hand.

He presses again, against my puckered, second opening, but this time, with his thumb.

“The sight of your ass like this is almost enough to drive me insane, little one. I’m going to do my best to take you there with me.”

Pushing his digit inside, and digging his fingers into my sore flesh, he begins to hammer into me with such force that it takes my breath.

I’ve never been fucked so hard in my life, and the exquisite pleasure-pain combination is quite enough to lift me beyond euphoria.

Shattering me into a billion pieces, I scream his name over, and over.
“I love the way you say my name… I’ve never loved hearing my name so much…” He bends and growls close to my ear, “No bitch has ever been allowed to use my name like this. But I fucking love it.”

As He rises, his speed increases, and I lose myself in another set up mind altering waves. They don’t stop, they simply seem to rise and crest over and over. His aggression feeding me something I had no clue I was hungry for.

I force my mind to stay in play, to experience his complete satisfaction, and when he pulls himself free of me and flips me onto my back, all I can do is whimper.

He hovers over me, slowly stroking himself, “I never want this to end… You feel like heaven.”

I’m gasping, I want him back inside of me, but instead, I rise up off of my burning backside, to my knees as he sits back on his heels. I mimic his stance and lift my fingers to his cheeks, and whisper “Master, how may I please you?”

His eyes roll back and he pulls his hands to my face and drags me into a melting kiss for breathing into me, “Such a good girl.”

Kissing me again, he guides my fingers around his thick staff, while teasing my engorged button with his own. “I want you to be mine, don’t tell me you will right now, but promise this won’t just be tonight.”

“It won’t,” I sigh, “It won’t.”

My hand strokes him softly as I hold him, tightly, at the base with the other. I recognize that my juices have made him sticky so I whisper my desire to use my mouth.

He gracefully steps off the bed and pulls me to my back, again, dragging my hair over the edge before sweetly stroking my face. I licked my lips, anxious and hungry, but he stepped back and looked at me. “Don’t make me cum, little one, I want to fuck that beautiful pussy again.”

I lifted my hands to guide him into my mouth, but he pulled them to my sides and held them there. I used my tongue, and sucked as he pressed his rod slowly into my throat. He maneuvered himself deep, but slipped back quickly, so I didn’t gag, at first. After shifting my neck to get a better angle, his hands moved down my body, sliding two fingers inside me, and rotating his thumb softly on my clit before pressing down.

Gripping my pussy for leverage, he began fucking my mouth and throat. My entire body went rigid, trying to absorb, relish and encite all at the same time. Suddenly his fingers were free and he began slapping my mound, grunting, and fucking my inexperienced throat. I gasped and gagged and tears filled my eyes. His sack slapping me with each repeated thrust. But before I raised my hands to push him back, he pulled away and climbed on top of me.

Yanking my hips down to meet his, he was inside of me again so quickly that I cried out. This experience would never be matched. This night was almost too much for me to comprehend. As he hovered over me, his pace halted by my shriek, he used his thumb to wipe the tears and dislodged mascara from under my eyes. “Are you Ok, sweet girl? Do you need to stop?”

I swiveled my hips and lifted my hands to his ass, “Please, Sir, don’t ever stop!!” That sweet spot, deep inside, that only he has ever hit, desperately wanted more.

He smiled, dropping his lips to mine but depriving me of his kiss. “You are fucking amazing,” he growled.

As he began to slide in and out, my clenching muscles gripped him so tightly that he groaned. I stared into his eyes, panting. I gripped his ass, moaning. I felt like the world could end in this moment, and neither of us would know it because the joy of pleasure we are experiencing is ethereal.

Our intoxicating fucking has turned into the perfect kind of lovemaking, unaware of where he ends and I begin, the electricity flows between us and through us as one unit. We fly out over the cliff, together, the clouds beating us with their vapor, swell after swell. It is earth shattering. And I apparently lose consciousness.

My mind soaks in the sublime elation of the most incredible climax of my life, as I float back down to earth on a cloud that seems to be massaging me, pleasuring me, kissing me and whispering to me.

When I realize it is Martin’s… Master’s voice I hear, I will my eyes to open. His hand is smoothing coconut oil over by backside, while his chest remains pressed against me tightly. “There you are, little one,” he breathes, pulling me further into his embrace, as though he might absorb me.

I sigh against his neck, reeling from everything that has happened. “Please, can I stay a while, Sir?”

“Of course!  You are not permitted to leave right now! …I’d love it if you’d stay the night… or forever.” His voice dropped to a whisper. From commanding to utter vulnerability, I wonder how odd that must feel to him.

As I lift my hand to his scruffy jaw, the concern must be etched in my eyes.

“What is it, sweet Chelsea? What’s wrong?”

“Martin, can you tell me what YOU want, now? Help me understand what this would mean for me? For us?” My voice is shaky and I feel the weight of all the possibilities in the pit of my stomach.

His expression changes. I instantly regret using his name, and recoil slightly in preparation for his response, but he doesn’t speak. He simply looks at me, until there is no expression. His arms tighten again, drawing me back into him.

He remains silent for so long that I pull back to see if he’s fallen asleep. When I see his eyes, and they capture mine, I feel His thoughts. My heart syncs with his. I begin to understand why he would turn his life upside down for little ol’ me, even before he speaks.

But when he does, MY world turns upside down… in a way that could never be imagined.

…to be continued