Frozen In Time by AFantasticIdea via DeviantArt.com

our time
in this tiny space
a ritual born
inside an era where
togetherness is
your necessity
and scrubbing away
my self hatred
is mine

this will be our norm
saturated by your soap
serving you
as I’d always wanted
but was never brave
to say

this will be our habit
and I will no longer
be surprised
by your desire
I will simply
beneath it

bathed in steam

there’s just enough
for two

for us


Under the water


Going Under by ValentinaWhite via DeviantArt.com
Going Under by ValentinaWhite via DeviantArt.com

Streams carving patterns
Along curves and creases
I clutch at the edge
The smooth, hard reality
Cool against my cheek
As your fingertips
Press bruises
Into the line of my hip
And your other hand
Wraps itself in the
Long, Red Strands

of me

Good girl

Let me drown in the
Current of you
Make me lose my grip
On the edge
And reason
Push me past that point
That I’ve never
Been able to cross
Douse the fire
And watch it burn, eternal
Empty me
As you empty yourself

into me


One Minute Fantasy


Hot water cascades over sensitive skin. My body on edge, no release for days, night after night of dreams… Visions of my gentle monster, the sadist who plagues my fantasies. He has been cruel, forcing me to please him while he can only tease me. As the water suddenly seems hotter, scalding my tender nipples, it hurts so good. I close my eyes and wonder if I have time…

You think you’ll derive true release,
Little girl?
You believe your fingers can pleasure,
That little pearl?
Up over the edge,
You will be able to satisfy?
…Let’s find out, pumpkin.
I’ll enjoy watching you try.

Raise your arms, feet apart.
You have one minute, little tart.

Fingers brush over my breasts, then down my soft belly before diving between my sweet, puffy lips. My clit, already engorged, just the slightest touch sends shivers down my spine.

45 seconds.
You should work quickly.
Your ass will pay,
If you move too slowly.

Rocking my hips and biting my tongue, I know I’ll make it. I press and knead, circling while imagining the punishment I might receive if I don’t succeed. But it doesn’t matter. I’m going to cum.

30 seconds, pumpkin.
You think you’ll make it?
You have to succeed,
Not like you can fake it.

I feel it rising, my inner walls quivering, God, it feels so good. My climax will be met, as I imagine Sir’s fingers doing the work.

20 seconds slut,
If those were my fingers,
You’d be in pieces.
The pleasure would linger.

My mind empties, round and round, up and down, hurt me, fuck me, hit me, kiss me….

Such dirty thoughts, I would hurt you.
I’d beat you until you’re black and blue.
I’d spin you around and take your ass,
but your pretty face wouldn’t get a pass.
I’d pull your hair until eyes met,
that kiss you want, oh, you’d get.

5 seconds, bitch, you’d better cum.

My mind blows up, I am done.

The waves wash over me, but only for a moment. Release had, satisfaction not achieved.

You made it,
Precious, little one.
But all day long,
You’ll want more fun.

It’s just too bad,
He couldn’t play.
Perhaps tonight,
What’s one more day…

Oh, yes, I know.
You’re miserable.
I like you that way.

Pout some more,
Little bitch.
Another lifetime.
Another switch.

I’m left to go about another day. Dissatisfied.

A one minute orgasm, is like none at all.