Woman reflected on water by Peter Heeling

the weight of want
closing on all sides
pinning me beneath
the very wishes
I make in the dark
drifting upon a sea of
tears spent in vain
before sleep finally silences
the ever present
cascade of demands
a beautiful life
joyful in its breadth
but burdened
by the limits of
more pressure
simple in its requirements
but complicated
in its rewards
if I fight against
it’s grip
swimming into
the dark, lonely waters
of ambition
I could drown before
reaching those golden
shores beyond
if I turn away
I might learn to enjoy
the strength of the
raft beneath my feet
and his embrace, the
warm comfort of life
by us

shouldn’t that
be enough

after all


nothing everything life death open closed happy sad real fake clear cloudy end begin true false up down black white hot cold heavy light him her do don’t everything…


Into the unknown by lostknightkg via
Into the unknown by lostknightkg via

My mind is jumbled, I don’t understand.

Why now? What does this mean? How will this work? Who am I going to be?

I’m spinning.

Please keep going, though.

Please continue.


If it’s real, it will stick.

Don’t stop the carousel.

I know it’s real. All of it.

It’s just so unknown.


Carry me into the unknown…