glitter veins by ThisGirlCanHateYou via
glitter veins by ThisGirlCanHateYou via

greater than the sum
of us, here
something brilliant pulses
a guiding light
a beacon, drawing us together
our home may change
but it was never a place
it is us
in our veins, in our morrow
love is forever
it glitters inside me
as new and magical as
the day you kissed me
and set loose a million
in my soul
do you feel it, too?
as life cracks it’s whip
drives us harder, farther, faster
we drink up these
tiny moments
where it is just us
coiled and locked together
as we were made to be
until you are part of me
and I am part of you
thirsty only for
another day
another month
another year
of you
give me another sip
one more, pretty please
I’ll give you forever
for just



~~ Happy Birthday, Daddy! ~~


the song is strung from the rafters
harmonies hung in
curtains that brush my skin
as I dance beneath
their weight
it is the dash of moonlight
that stings my eyes
he knows, that wise
beautiful moon
he sees all and hears everything
even my damning thoughts
but if I cling
tether myself beneath this
canopy of life’s simple
bask inside the swell
of a symphony of
perhaps this game
of hide
and seek
can continue
maybe I can evade
his violent gaze
and dance
to my melody
turn it up
louder than my fear
and watch me

The Couple by erbphotography

It isn’t simple
Resurrecting love
Indignation becomes
A dull ache of regret
A wearied tremble of
Misunderstood longing
A thick copse of

Empty branches
Still stretching out
For a future
That was once sketched
In fertile soil
An orchard
By seedlings
Dreaming grandly
Beyond the pots that held

Too many
Harsh winters
Faded that blueprint
Narrowing our landscape
Refusing our achy demands
For that which
That which
The earth itself
Should feed us

If only we could revert
To those beatific
Youths with
Dreams bigger than worries
Lust thicker than monotony
Joy brighter than resentment

Reversion can only be
Granted to
More simplistic things
Than love
If you wish to remain
A new plan
Must be formed

Instead of
A task that seems beyond
My withered old tree
Roots too tangled
To turn his face to
The rising sun

But as I tug and
Shift to free myself
I feel the heat
And glory of
The sunrise before me
Combined with
The sweet warm
At my back
And wonder

How long could I
Between the two?

Could I

Sunday, November 22 by AlexandrinaAna

He woke me. Coated by all that life discarded during the years that I slept. All that time I’d thought I’d died.

He woke me, brushing away all of it. Clearing the death and darkness, beseeching me to show him more. Show him everything. The debris was often belligerent, as I seemed to cling to it in despair. But, beneath the detritus, he quickly found color. Beneath the crumbling wood, he found polished marble. Beneath the flaking mud, he found painted tiles, creating a masterpiece of art and form and beauty.

He woke me, bringing joy and life to the abandoned halls that pleasure had long forgotten. The magic of his love doesn’t seem to know a benediction. The hope within him gleans a future within me that has never before been imagined.

He woke me. And with that debris dislodged and denatured, imagination is not needed to see. The sight of completion is everything in the eyes of a brokedown palace who had only ever hoped to be a home.

He woke me. So that HE might be free.