Scared by GirL-PoiSoned via

You climbed inside
Made me see

Opened my mind
Made me BE

Gave me power
To give back to you

And opened me up
To my whole truth

I used to be scared
Of everything

I used to doubt 
My everything

The world is big
I am little

My world is hot
Becoming brittle

Reality poses
Held by fiction

The combination
Incredible friction

Don’t be scared, and don’t be rocked. In your love, I am bound and locked.

I’m still scared, but only of me. Because of this love that my world sees.

I’m scared because my axis IS turning. I’m scared because I can’t watch the burning.

I’m too scared to run, or stay, or hide. I’m still scared that this is really life.

Frozen in fear
Gripped in terror

Scared that soon

Will correct my error.