Fingertip kisses
Planted amidst
Tender sighs
Releasing the knots
Of my day.

Heated whispers
Making promises
The knots
Of my night.

With the
Of wishes
And wants

My fingers
Point out the places
That also
Your Promise

My cupids bow,
The line of my jaw,
The hollow between
My collarbones
And that spot

That shoulder

Use your kiss
Your full
Thick lips
I could watch
For eternity

Turn tension
To jelly
Make a mess
Make me
Your mess

While my sweet
Kissed fingertips
A path
Of their own

Down the firm masculine
Cords of your neck
Across the hard
Muscle coated in
Soft Fur

Seeking pleasure
From giving it
Those fingers
My joy

Sighs and giggles
Set on fire
To become
Moans and

While I

My heart
My body
In time with yours

I feel you
Like an ocean
Filling up in


Oh God
The explosion
Rocks us both
My anxious
Gift to you

To me

And those

With a promise


Bed Sheets

Love between the sheets by millionmilesofwater via
Love between the sheets by millionmilesofwater via

Incandescence permeates
the thin cloth we hide beneath
Is it the sunset, or the sunrise?
Or is it us, glowing from within?
I cannot tell how long we’ve been here
Beneath these bed sheets
Wading in and out of
The warmth of each others delight.
It started with the promise of
Your hands, those lovely fingers,
So strong and reaching,
Clinging to my face as you searched…
Your clear, cogent stare seeking
Out the bubbles of doubt and fear
That percolated behind my eyes….
Your sweet, gentle, knowing smile
Popping each one with precision
Until my own hands softened and urged
Those lips to taste away any remnants
Of my trepidation.
And I surrendered.
In potent kisses,
Whispered words,
And gasping giggles,
My body becomes your candle.
You light me, ignite me, melt me
Into a puddle of sighs and pleas that
Dash against you fervently
Warming you from the outside in.
But still, we are incomplete.
Your coaxing and urging turn to
Pinning and taking.
No longer a question,
Submission is required.
And my stinging skin is
Reward for us both.
The last of your will
Lands, glistening, on my flesh.
Salty strands of love for me to
Play in, taste and treasure.
After our skin cools
And heartbeats slow,
You carry me beneath the shower.
Where the water pressure
Is a delicious reminder of
The wicked sin that is our pleasure.
All that you can deliver,
I want it bad
I want it again, and again, and again.
So that when I wake to see
Incandescence permeate these bed sheets,
I can smile at you and
Feel your smile in return.
Just as you are, my sun.

Pressure by Milk & Bone

You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
All that you can deliver, I want it bad
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
I can feel in my fingers all the last inner comfort of your
Bed sheets, your bed sheets
Is this your heart beat?
Or is it mine?
Heavy but slowly,
Save it for now
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
All that you can deliver, I want it bad
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
I can feel in my fingers all the last inner comfort of your
Bed sheets, your bed sheets
They turn with hunger,
Poll soaked with mine
Better and deeper into your mind
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
All that you can deliver, I want it bad
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
I can feel in my fingers all the last inner comfort of your
Bed sheets, your bed sheets

My blanket fort


Beneath the
Soft swaths of sheets
In the dewy light
Of morning
Your fingers are slaves
To my skin
Your breath is sin
On my flesh
I’m lost in the
Sweet pain
I’m found in the
Playful tickles
Turn to joyous
Surrender as
I watch your lips
Through the language
Of your passion
And then feel them
As they are part of me
On my desperate mouth
On my sensitive skin
On my slick, wanton flesh
Beneath this canopy
Created lovingly
For the girl
Who never grew out
Of such things
You explore the
Enraptured in
The adventure
She can bring
But beyond exploration
As you bury yourself
Inside my slippery
And my body sings
Our union
Under the blankets
Of our love
It is not that of
Two souls finding
Each other
But that of one
The pleasure builds
Then fervently
Until our bodies
Are embattled
In the loving game
Only we
Can create


Touch VIII by Madmanu via

High on life
On you
On me
Licking our lips
Nose to nose
There is
No air
To come up for
There is
No space
Needed between us
Your fingers
Tuck away a bit
Of autumn sunrise
While one of mine
Dips into
That valley hidden
Beneath the scruff
Those lips
I adore
Which cannot
Kiss me enough
Which cannot
Speak too much
Which cannot
Utter a single hurt
At mine
Like a bee
That life giving
Take more
There’s always more
Like this
We could
Buzz forever


Perched in your lap
Hands on your cheeks
Sipping away at your
Sugar, sweet kisses
Until my jaw aches
And my lips burn


A growl in your throat
Fingers tighten in aggravation
Across my creamy, soft thighs
Pressing the urgency within
Straight through my flesh
To my hungry core


Long, puffed exhales
With soft, liquid smiles
My hands find a path
Beneath your shirt
And dance through
That soft, dark fur beneath


Baring your teeth and
Narrowing your eyes
Wake up, Beast!
Come out and play with me
A giggle bubbles from
Somewhere next to my heart


Determination sets your brow
Your hands cover mine
Pulling them, and me
Around you, against you
Crushing me with the
Strength of a Daddy Bear


Our bodies are not bodies
But fire, light and electricity
Control is lost to these
Primal needs and desires
Unfolding and invading
Like hungry vines in the wild


No more breath, no more sound
Just you, thrusting inside
With furiousity, unmeasured
Deeper, more, harder, faster
Until you still me in one glance
With that carnal look of intimacy


Take me, tease me, torment me
Chase me, Hunt me, Catch me
Over and over, until you cannot
And I surrender, wicked Beast
Because you make me


I need you

Isolation by vpotemkin via
Isolation by vpotemkin via

Between breaths
When I am broken, raw, and spinning

Between smiles
When I am cut to the quick, not winning

Between moments
When I isolate to sort myself out

Between fixes
When all I want to do is stomp and shout

Between whimpers
When I am just too fucking much for the world

Between heartaches
When I wonder why I can’t just dance and twirl

Between arguments
When I fail to convey the right point

Between looks
When I watch myself disjoint

Between worlds
I am lost, introspective
That is when I need you
Without, I am simply defective.

Dress me

mirror, mirror by aimeelikestotakepics via
mirror, mirror by aimeelikestotakepics via

As I stand and watch myself in the filmy dressing room mirror, I try to gauge your reaction. You often study me, and always appreciate me, but in this moment of contemplation, I feel like a work of art.

It isn’t the clothes you are choosing, it is the way they accentuate the curve of my hip and the line of my leg.

It isn’t the fabric you are concerned with, but the way it falls over my breasts and where it skims across my thigh.

It isn’t the color you are judging, but the way it compliments my soft creamy skin and the unusual hue of my green eyes.

When your fingers skim and shift, causing my heart to flutter and my core awakens, your eyes tell me that, yes, you are objectifying me. But because I long for it. Because I crave to be your possession. Because I’m just a little girl seeking approval.

So, when I ask you, shall I wear my hair curly or straight? Do you prefer the hoop earrings over the simple gems? Or, which stockings and shoes you like best?

It isn’t because I can’t decide.

I can, and I would.

But you’re here, Daddy, and you want me. So tell me how to make myself just as you desire.

Choose for me.

Decide for you.

Dress me.

The reward is absolutely worth your attention.

For the pleasure of seeing me shine under the spotlight of your love is surely artistry of it’s own.