I’m tired. Beyond tired.

I know.

This won’t last forever.

One day, I’ll feel the sunshine on my skin again and know that it belongs to me, instead of everyone around me.

One day, I’ll be kissed. Really kissed. And after, I will touch my lips and remember that I’m a woman.

One day, I’ll have silence outside of the shower or the living room couch at 5am.

One day, I’ll get to sleep until I’m woken by the warmth of the day, instead of the cold of the night.

One day, I’ll experience my life outside of this life that I’ve locked myself in.

One day, I’ll be loved. Not used. Desired. Not needed. Cherished. Not dismissed.

This won’t last forever.

One day.

This will all be gone.





20 thoughts on “Gone

      1. And my baby will soon be 29. I miss the days when he would lay his head on my shoulder after a hard day at school. Enjoy your precious little one!


  1. This post just breaks my heart Mel. I’ve been here before. The only difference is when I feel like this, I can’t even get myself to write. It’s good that you can still come on here and purge.

    I hope that things have gotten better…? ❤


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