4 thoughts on “Leading Lady

  1. I enjoyed your post.

    Just one of My rules. (please read it as My personal value)

    I may be old school, but I didn’t allow My ex wife, My daughter, or My ex sub to go out of the house in pajama top OR bottoms. When I see a woman attired in such a manner it tells Me she is too lazy to be at her best. Again I emphasize this is My take. But I will add, that I take the time to put on a pair of pants and a shirt when I go out.
    My partners appearance says something about both of U/us.
    Old fashioned? Tough! It’s what I believe and enforce.

    Let the bashing of the opinionated Man begin?


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    1. No bashing here. I agree with you. Same goes for Men though. You can’t expect us to put in all the effort when you aren’t willing to put in any! 😉


    2. Today’s men are considered chauvinistic neanderthals if they so much as hint that their significant other should put a little work into her appearance, which is just wrong. I feel like men today have become watered-down versions of themselves, expected to bite their tongues because heaven forbid they behave like men and express their preferences. It’s sort of tragic. I’m all for old school…for some things.

      Great post Mel. “Pretty clothes, makeup and nice hair is my armor…” This so resonates with me. And it’s probably to a fault. My family laughs because I’ll curl my hair and put on a cute outfit even if we’re just hanging around the house on a Saturday afternoon. But I can’t help it–I just feel so much more spunky and cheery if I feel confident about my looks. Here is where I wish I was more like a man and not have my emotions tied to my appearance. Le sigh….

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      1. No no no. Do not wish that Jo, EVER!

        You are beautiful, incredible and interesting. A complicated and delightful recipe that those close to you are fucking lucky to get to enjoy. Even if they have to put up with your primping for an hour in order to get there.

        I love that my emotions are tied to my appearance because it forces me to put in the effort. And keeps me from doing socially irresponsible things, like leaving the house in PJ’s… (I know I said it wasn’t that bad, but seriously!)

        I adore what you said about today’s men. Le sigh to that, my dear. I hate the watered-down men problem as much, if not more, than the women-don’t-give-a-shit problem.

        …hey… btw, I waited for hours the other day for that frext… giggle ❤


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