those locks by woelkchen-chan via DeviantArt.com
those locks by woelkchen-chan via DeviantArt.com

A loud click awakened me, and I felt everything change.

A familiar scent filled the air, but I couldn’t place it. The sun warmed my skin.

I blinked, trying to adjust to the light. But it filled me with anxious energy.

“There you are.”
“What? Am I free?”
“I’ve unlocked you.”

My hands shook. Oxygen seemed scarce. His voice…

“Come. No more hiding.”

Stumbling forward, I thought I recognized freedom, almost forgetting the prison at my back.

“You unlocked me?”

I stared at my rescuer, smiling.

But as I looked around, I felt my face fall.

“Freedom isn’t so simple.”

The above piece is for a Chuck Wendig writing prompt at http://terribleminds.com. I’m very excited because it clocks in at exactly 100 words! Those who know me well know just how difficult that was! 😛

13 thoughts on “Unlocked

  1. Exercises like this are useful in the same way that the net in a tennis match defines it. Restriction encourages you to use your abilities differently and it puts you out of your comfort zone. This was great

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    1. I also think it creates a note of ambiguity that is almost invisible, which allows the reader to define the premise. I may have to write more things like this as a test of that concept. Thanks for reading, Matt!


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