Sunrise... by zootnik via

Upon the breath
You gave me.
I beg the moon
To ask the sun…
Give me this
New day.
The clock behind me
Sped too quickly,
Time before me
Ticking away
So, so slowly.
Let me drift
On the ocean
Of desire
Between us.
Let its waves
Lift me
To the peak
Of your avidity,
Before plummeting
Into the depths
Of my own voracity.
Let it lap away
At my insecurity
Until I swim
Freely in its
Let it destroy
The anchors
Of our inhibitions.
And allow me
To submit
To this journey.
Set me
Toward the shores
Of your choosing.
Soon enough
This ocean
Won’t seem
So unending.
For now
I am floating
Upon the edge
Of the sunrise.
For it to carry
Back to me.

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