Steal my kiss

His breath against my sweet skin
Ignites an inferno within
A burning need that seems ever present
Just waiting to be ignited
By that simple gust of air.

His fingers tempt and tease me
While also locking me in place
I cannot deny, I must surrender
But sometimes I try
When his hand is in my hair.

I’m lost inside this pattern
Of breathe, pinch and pull.
When his thumb grasps my chin
And he lifts my eyes
Locking me in his beautiful, piercing stare.

I melt beneath his fixation,
His soft lake water gaze
Warm and comforting
In familiarity and knowing.
Not like monotony, but like coming home.

You are mine, I am yours.
I am breathless with want
Suffocating under the need
To be fed… to be kissed.
His lips… where are his lips?

My mind spinning, thoughts reeling,
I try to focus, to seek out
That which I need more than anything.
But he rises up over me
And holds my face between his hands.

His determination glides
Into the heat of my desperation
And as he thrusts deeply
Filling and soothing that ever present ache
His mouth finally hovers over mine.

He slows, breathing my air,
Inhaling my magic, exhaling his love.
And my whole body rises to meet him
To beg for him and offer myself
In this, our most perfect connection.

And when I do, finally surrender,
Experiencing that blissful contact
When our mouths touch
And our souls embrace…
He steals my kiss!

And with it,
takes me to those places
That only

So kiss me by Emily Wendy via

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