Oh Santa…

Up to NO good by chibifloom via DeviantArt.com
Up to NO good by chibifloom via DeviantArt.com

I’ve been a good girl.
Mostly… it’s true.
But tonight, I wanna be naughty.
Just a little… for you!

Dressed in striped stockings
Silky and soft
Scarlet and white fur
Bosom spilling, aloft.

Will you take me
Over your knee?
Paddle me, pet me?
That’s my fantasy.

Will you join the fun
Give me a tease?
Tickle me, torment me?
You love to hear my pleas.

Will you point me
To kneel at your feet?
And watch me savor
My favorite treat?

Will you wrap me
In your warm embrace?
And make love your way,
At your delicious pace?

Whatever you do,
However we play,
Your naughty elf will
Stay past Christmas Day.

Because, Oh Santa…
I am yours, always.
Naughty and Nice,
Long after the Holidays.

‘Cause Santa Daddy,
You jolly good man.
Sometimes I’m a bad girl,
But I’m still your biggest fan.

12 thoughts on “Oh Santa…

  1. Special wishes for a Christmas, that brighten you destiny
    May the moon of the Christmas season spread the Christmas cheers
    Have a Merry Christmas with full of cheer and Happiness! unique and colorful Christmas wishes for you peoples!

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