My light

winter light by Floriandra via
winter light by Floriandra via

In the bright sky of winter’s crispness, I find it difficult to breath.
It is not the blistering cold, nor the arid aroma…
It is the light.

I force myself to inhale, as I pace this path I’ve eroded so many days,
trying to clear my angst addled mind, which has emptied in my purposeful march.
It is the light.

The sun burns into my eyes with the fullness of all that is unknown,
an answer to a question or a prayer uttered far away and long ago, from the lips of someone unholy.
It is the light.

My heart swells, confused by the emptiness, and churning with love of the sun.
Love of the world. And love of everything in it. Even the dark.
It is the light.

All remnants of the bitter darkness that permeates my soul lie down,
basking in the grace of that which I don’t understand, and perhaps, don’t want to.
It is the light.

A breath of will. A sigh of hope. A soft, deliberate kiss of peace.
It is the pure and unexpected wish of a sad and broken spirit. A wish granted.
It is the light.

Let me share it with you, shining from the sun, stars, moon and street lamp.
It is not a miracle or even mystical. It is simple and pure.

It is the light.

My light.

11 thoughts on “My light

  1. Hi! I’m a friend of Jodi’s. She had boasted about your work so much that I thought I might check it out for myself. I have to say you are a very powerful writer. I think I read that you find these photos online and then base your writings on those? That is just an amazing talent to me. Please continue to create the beautiful poetry and intense short stories. I don’t have a blog anymore, but I really enjoy reading and I hope you don’t mind if I stop by once in a while. Maybe one day when life isn’t so chaotic I can begin a blog again. Thanks again 🙂



    1. Jewls! Yes, please return! Forgive me if I get a little racy from time to time… It is the nature of my imagination, sometimes. (I’m preparing to post something later that is NOT so innocent as this…) I’m thrilled that you are enjoying my words. And if I can inspire you to write again… Well, there would be no greater thanks than that!!! ❤


    2. Haha! I Consider myself a grownup most of the time so I enjoy racy as much as the next girl 😉 besides I work with perverted men in the military so nothing is appalling to me 😉

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