Birthday Wish (for Monsieur Modigliani)

It's time for a wish by Bucikah via
It’s time for a wish by Bucikah via

If I could pool all of my magic
to grant one wish
one single wish

If I could wield the power of my words
to give one blessing
one single blessing

If I could mobilize the friendship you’ve granted me
to create one gift
one single gift

I would find a way to give to you
which might repay

Your support, your mentorship, your wit, your charm, your gentleness, your wisdom, your hopes, your guidance, your humility, your honesty, your balance, your fervor, your spirituality, your insecurity, your strength, and your talent…

But all I can give to you
Is my promise.

A single, but powerful promise.

I swear to always be your friend.

From that day, many, many months ago, when you called me Missy (with no intent on using my childhood nickname) at a time when she needed to be seen, known, and comforted.

From that cold, Sunday afternoon when you chatted with me, giving me insight into myself, my needs, my insecurities, that I had blatantly ignored… A slap in the face that I needed, so desperately.

From those mornings where the tables were turned, and it was you who needed an ear or a thought.

From all of those moments that you supported me, during the times when I had no one else to turn to.

From a day, not so long ago, that I wasn’t brave enough to ask for your help… but knew that you would have given it, if I had.

To all of the tiny moments in between…
Where sometimes, just your words gave me solace.
And to many, many moments to come…

My Birthday Wish
for you, Sir, is
forever friendship.


I hope today and everyday after is filled with bliss or tempered with comfort.
Happy Birthday, Sir!
And hey: Glitter your front, next time!!  😉  You know, for Cinn… *giggles*

7 thoughts on “Birthday Wish (for Monsieur Modigliani)

  1. Mel, what amazing thoughts that you can express! I’m sure others can share some of your sentiments. I know I do. You are blessed with the gift of words, and we are blessed with the friendships formed here with each other and with Sir.

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    1. You’re too sweet. Thank you, and definitely. These connections forged in this place where we can be our most true selves (provided we are being honest) are some of the most incredible bonds I have ever experienced.


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