Fearless by x--Identical--x via DeviantArt.com
Fearless by x–Identical–x via DeviantArt.com

I wish we could swim in a pool of my words,
Warm and comforted by the heart of my creations,
And then you would drown in their meaning.

I wish we could dine on beautiful, expensive china,
Drinking our feelings like wine out of the finest crystal,
And then you would choke on the poison of my spirit.

I wish we could snuggle on the softest blankets,
Revelling in the exquisite grace of our connection,
And then you would suffocate under the weight of your dereliction.

I wish I could sit in your lap, and you could embrace me,
Inhaling the magic you so easily brought out of me,
And then you would choke on the staleness that you’ve left me with.

I wish I could kiss you, just one kiss,
Before slicing you open to bleed at my feet,
Then I could dip my fingers in your wickedness
And rub it into my deliciously, desperate skin.

I hate you.

I love to hate you.

It is a beautiful hate.

Because it makes me fearless.

Hasty’s 31 Days of Horror link up… because I just can’t get enough!

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