His and hers

It’s a lazy afternoon, when she lies down on the sofa and puts her head in my lap. Looking up at me, she asks me to touch her, with those enchanting eyes and that sweet, lopsided smile. I grin down at her and stroke through her long, messy hair. I know she wants more, but that is all she gets for now.

In a little while, I will tell her to pull up her skirt, so that I can see what’s mine.

I will make her wait some more, because I know she’ll get wet thinking about what might come next.

She might ask me to touch her, and I’ll take her over my knee.
She might ask me to kiss her, and I’ll flip her around and devour her dripping slit violently.
She might beg me for anything, and I’ll lift her head and feed her my raging cock.

If she’s a good girl though, and she waits patiently, I’ll give her everything she could ever hope for. I’ll give all that I want and so much more. I’ll give her hours of mindless pleasure and bend her to my will.

I might pull up her silky shirt, exposing her overflowing lace.
I might stroke inside the cups, and pull her soft, full breasts free from their cage.
I might swirl my thumb over her hard, pink points, before pinching and pulling until she whimpers.
I might turn her and part her creamy thighs, so I can lean between them and feast on those heavenly orbs.
I might bite and suck on every inch of them, marking them as mine so she never forgets.
I might work my way down her belly and over her bunched up skirt until my nose finds her pretty panties, damp from her liquid desire.
I might inhale her decadent musk and growl my appreciation right against her swollen lips.
I might snake a finger inside those panties, to feel my pussy and the heat that I create.
I might tease her, tenderly, for a while, until I can no longer wait to taste her.

If she’s a good girl, and doesn’t try to pressure me, direct me or coerce me, I’ll give her more than she can imagine. I’ll strip off her clothes, clear her mind completely, and take her pleasure as my own.

She might wriggle and writhe, but I’ll be able to tell that she’s working to control those hips.
She might run her fingers through my hair and beard, but I’ll know that she only wishes to touch me.
She might moan and whine, but I won’t tell her to be silent because I love the way she sounds.

If she’s a good girl, and asks for permission, I’ll hold her climax at first. I’ll tell her not to cum until I know she can no longer contain it. Then I’ll rip orgasms from her repeatedly until she begs me stop. But I’ll still take a few more.

I might bathe her with my tongue until her little button is engorged beyond it’s hiding place.
I might rub it firmly with my lips while I slip a finger inside and she clenches and strains beneath me.
I might smack her folds firmly when she seems too out of control.
I might spank her repeatedly until her thighs attempt to close.
I might force two more fingers into her, thrusting them up roughly while she cries out and starts to beg.
I might growl my negative response against her, before sucking her sweet clit into my mouth.
I might torment her nipples further, with my free hand, as her mind begins to slip away.
I might continue my pleasure assault until I feel her beginning to fail.
I might demand her release with my voice and fingers, while I watch her sweet, beautiful face.

If she’s a good, patient little girl, I’ll take what’s mine and give her what’s hers. I’ll explore her and make her explode until she is nothing but a rag doll, limp limbed and mindless. Then I’ll bend her over and use her trembling body, in every way I desire, until she’s sprawled on the floor with my creamy seed sprayed across her tongue, lips, and breasts.

It’s a lazy afternoon, and we will spend the rest of it wrapped in each other, immersed in his and hers.


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