Love Drunk

Evening snuggles
Sleepy talks
Sweetness rains
Honest thoughts

Soft touches
Warmest kiss
Love nibbles
Delicious bliss

Passion grows
Heat expands
Pleasure found
Mouth and hands

Tender turns
Lust explodes
You demand
Open folds

Lost and found
Until you leave
Your seed in me

Arms envelope
Whispering, “you
Belong to me.”

Giggled hope
Mind swimming
World slows
Heart grinning

Ecstasy leads
Devotion holds

Intoxicated by
Emotion from you
Perhaps addiction
Will grip me too.

In this moment
Gift from above
I am yours
Drunk with love

Lovers Laugh by MoofyModeling via

13 thoughts on “Love Drunk

  1. Your poem flows like silky liquor poured from a bottle, so very smooth and intoxicating. That pic is a perfect accompaniment, too.


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