Wrapped around Your Finger

finger. by ArtOriginal via DeviantArt.com

I remain, your ringer.
Wrapped around your finger.

My feelings are paper thin.
My heart overflows just like a tin.

I love it, how you fill me up,
Make your mess, your sweet cup.

My body aches for something more.
My secret fantasy, my favorite chore.

I may stay this way forever.
I hope it can only get better.

My fears about losing time.
My anxiety about losing mind.

All I can do is stand in place.

Spinning free from the race.

Hoping you will keep my pace.

Never tire of my face.

Because I’m wrapped around your finger.
And there… I’d really like to linger.

2 thoughts on “Wrapped around Your Finger

  1. HATFM, adore how you play with words that sink in between this and that for the lingering want…desire…need…to be filled and fingered 😉


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