I thought it was fitting to reblog this today. I avoided cheating. No cigarettes for me… 😛

pushing our limits

I remember you… I miss you.
I used to wake up anxious to hold you, ignite you, pull you in, letting you fill me with your heat, over and over again.

I loved you. So much.

First thing every morning.
Late every single night.
Whenever I was stressed, happy, sad, anxious, excited.
While drinking with friends.
While drinking alone.
In my kitchen, bedroom, front stoop.
At work, with co-workers.

I quit you so many times.
But I always came back, and you made me feel like I never left.

But friends didn’t want to be around me.
My family was constantly begging me to stop.
Everyone was always telling me to give you up.
You were bad for me.
You were expensive.
You smelled bad.

And then I met a man who could be the one.
He hated you.
He loved me, so he put up with you.
For a…

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