Date Night

Anyone looking forward to your date night this weekend??

pushing our limits

It’s Saturday night.  I’ve dropped off the little man at my Mom’s and have told my beautiful girl to get herself ready for a night out.  We don’t get to go out very often, so I’m guessing she is going all out.  I only told her she needed to wear a skirt.

When I arrive back home, I find her in her bra and panties, painting her toenails. She looks delicious, and blushes when she sees me staring at her, making her just that much more desirable.  I continue watching her until she is finished, then take the nail polish out of her hand.

“Bend over and put your hands on the wall,” I command, and her eyes widen, but she follows the order, leaning her upper body forward to plant her palms shoulder width apart.

I skim my finger tips over her back and down her backside.  As I…

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