Dancer – Part 2

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Hipster Intelligence Agency

(Warning: Adult content!! This is Erotica about a couple in a D/s relationship. If you are offended by such things, refuse to become enlightened, and/or under the age of 18 [sorry, kids], please do not proceed.)


The drive to the hardware store was quiet. He didn’t look at me at all. I tried to cut the silence with small talk.

“So, my name is really Natalie. I am a dancer though, since I was 8.” My voice sounded so small, I almost felt 8 again.

“Yeah, I know your dad. You already know my name.”

“Jason…” I whispered, “But you’d rather I call you Sir?”

He glanced at me finally, his eyebrows drawn together, “You can call me Jason… for now.”

But I couldn’t.

We pulled into the employee parking lot behind the store that his family had owned for decades. I knew there was a shop in back, but…

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