The flight by KmyeChan via DeviantArt.com

Soaring above those demons

On wings of fairy lights

Held aloft by your breath

And will

Summoned to the sky

So that I might feed you

With laughter

And smiles

The bright, delicious

Warmth of your kiss

Denies the darkening


Of yesterday

Burning each teardrop


As the film


By our vows

Records each new feeling


The remembered ones

We could float here

In Neverland


But I’m not afraid

Of reality



Take me

Forever by KrisVlad via DeviantArt.com

Take me to the beach, Sir.
Walk with me, in the sand.
You could hold me close,
Or simply take my hand.

Tiptoeing through the surf, Sir,
My heart would beat with yours.
We could lose ourselves in the rhythm,
Of the ocean of emotion that roars.

Stop and watch the sunset, Sir.
Our eyes could see as one.
The world between us would shrink,
Until the dream we share is done.

Meet me in the waves, my Sir,
Breath the warm, ocean air.
Feel my love surrounding you,
Lifting you as high as I dare.

When the moon speaks to us, Sir,
It’s certain to offer the light,
To blend our hearts and souls,
With the magic of that one night.

Take me, at the beach, Sir.
Own me, fill me with you.
As it should be, forever.
Because I am taken with you.