Selective Focus

Deadly Siren Black & White by temariataje via
Deadly Siren Black & White by temariataje via

the big picture isn’t
always as important
as it seems
perception can be
objection negotiated
because what’s in front
is what’s important
be present in the
hold the face of
and tell him
he is everything
feel the ferocity
of his response
because every man
needs to feel
we are the roles we play
he is my Captain
I am his mermaid
an ocean of truth
can’t change
my focus
because the future
is just us
alone in our ship
and even if
he is wrapped around
my finger
I am wrapped
his bow

Sidewalk Chalk


162: Sidewalk Chalk by Lilliva-Dast


I poured this concrete
Mixed together
The burden of love
With the sandy
Salt of reason
And the
Soft sweet liquid
Of babes who would
Never understand
It churned
Inside me
Until it grew too toxic
To hold in
I poured this concrete
Stepped in
Waded out
Until it hardened
All around me
I’ll spend my nights
Coloring pictures
Of what true love is
And lying
About the color
Of the chalk



Image – 162: Sidewalk Chalk by Lilliva-Dast


Love is sometimes selfish
Wants to be seen
In dark moments
Beneath clouds of regret
And isolation
Love wants to hurt
Because it hurts
In the dark
And silence
But in the light
Set free
On the wind of
Love burns brighter
Clean, soft brilliance
My love is
But I strive
To shine


Monsters are metaphors

Sweet, calm dreams.
Soft light. Brilliant colors.
Dancing in the rain.
Coloring beneath a blanket
of pale, twinkling stars.
Picnic in the glowing sun.
Dinner with laughter and excitement.
No more nightmares.
No more monsters.
No more.
It is a breath inside an airless room.
To escape those monsters.
Those metaphors.
Haunting me.
In doubt. In fear.
The best kind of therapy.
My monster slayer.
The brave hero of my story.
My patchwork knight.
A fighter for love and truth.
Saving me.
From myself.
Always with me. Never far.
Take the monsters.
Kill the metaphors.
Steal my heart,
Again and again.
The metaphors can’t get me.
As long as you are with me.
You hear me.
You see me.
You know me.
The sweet dreams you give me,
Are my true reality.

Purple Hope

Darkness gives way
The Sun bubbles up
Across a new day horizon

Light seeps into the clouds
Over leaves speckled with Autumn
And into my tired and hungry soul

As the black fades
The gray mist of yesterday
Is replaced by purple hope

The hole in my chest
Left from that wicked darkness
Seems to fill up with that Sun

Do you feel it too?
The warmth of my Sun?
Fire and freedom United?

She feeds me and fuels me
Waking my spirit
With the delight of that purple hope

So I bask in her beauty
I revel in the change
Created by something so simple

My sunrise
My saviour
My infinite purple hope

My own personal sunrise


Enchanted Forest by Alphie0216 via

Your arms, your grasp,
Your breath at my ear,
Your beard on my neck,
Your lips and tongue sear.

My mind, my heart,
My tears wet my pillow,
My body defies me,
My breath becomes shallow.

Your fingers, your rhythm,
Your touch is so knowing
Your desire interupts me,
Your love just keeps growing.

My mouth, my core,
My lust is so sinful,
My thoughts disappearing,
My hope wonderful.

Your eyes, your soul,
Your whispered delight,
Your true love making,
Your satisfaction, so right.

My arms, my grasp,
My forced restitution,
My will bent to you,
My only solution.

Your final, your forever,
Your only wish granted,
Your rediscovered love,
Your life, enchanted.

My magic, my fate,
My truth to be slanted,
My growth to be known,
My life, enchanted.

Our dreams, or infinity,
Our world replanted,
Our sweet, simple everything,
Our life. Enchanted.