Sweet Dessert

I wish I could peel back my wrapper,
Break apart the dark sweetness inside,
So that I might share it with you,
Allow you to take pleasure from me in a new way.

I wish you could taste my gift,
One deliciously decadent bite at a time,
So that it might be a part of you,
Allow you to organize your emotions as I do.

I wish I could get you addicted to me,
With my special allure, savoring my words,
So that you might crave me, need me,
Allow me to teach you how.

I wish I could entice you to use me,
To use my gift as if it were your own,
So that I might know what your heart feels,
Allow me to experience words dedicated to me.

I wish, sweet husband, that you’d devour me completely,
Leaving nothing behind but that pretty, shiny wrapper,
So that I might feel the freedom that lies within you,
Allow me to live inside of you, in your heart and soul.

I wish that, since that isn’t possible,
You would nibble on me at every opportunity,
So that I might experience love the way I can,
Allow us to enjoy the dessert that is us, often.

How’s your sweet tooth?



Up Against The Wall in Contrast by intergrativeone via DeviantArt.com Up Against The Wall in Contrast by intergrativeone via DeviantArt.com[/caption]

Stripped nude,
Standing tall,
I’m exposed,
At your call.

Lick my lips,
Eyes glazed,
Waiting, waiting,
For your gaze.

Cool breeze,
Nipples peaked,
Pointing nowhere,
Please come seek.

Open hands,
Touch my skin,
Burning, soothing,
Seek my sin.

Fingers dance,
Over curves,
Wetness oozes,
Whispered words.

I will beg you,
I will plead,
Wreck my body,
With your need.

Breath on neck,
Shivered moans,
Frightening growls,
Silky groans.

Please don’t stoke,
Aching desire,
The mess you make,
Has me on fire.

Still you torture,
Thrill and tease,
Until your cock,
I must please.

Force me down,
Kneel below,
Touch it softly,
Lick it slow.

Lips skim,
Tongue swirls,
Humming quietly,
Mind whirls.

Yank me back,
Against the wall,
Must take me,
Before you fall.

Roughly gripping,
Connection, complete,
Fill me, drill me,
I am replete.

I beg of you,
Daddy, please,
No, sweet girl,
Must wait for me.

Pounding, pulsing,
Desperation exposed,
Rumbling, roaring,
Intensity grows.

Please, Sir, please,
Cherry on top,
I can’t do it,
I can’t stop.

Cum, little one,
Cum for me.
Explosion rips,
Right through me.

Throbbing, grunting,
Feel you let go,
White hot cum,
Fills me so.

Pressed against,
That wall so tight,
Fill me with,
Your love tonight.