I am

Beauty in the Blank by confused-equine via DeviantArt.com

I am bleak?
I fight against that with everything in my being!

Because bleak may as well be blank, and I am not blank!
I am far, far from blank.

I am Bright.
I am Sweet.
I am Magical.
I am Messy.
I am Sparkly.
I am Precious.
I am Beautiful.

Like a rainbow. Or a sunset. Or the stars over the ocean. Or fireflies against the complete blackness of night.

You would say I am all of those things.
You don’t think I’m bleak or blank.
You make me see that I am extraordinary.

Maybe I was bleak. Maybe I was blank.

But you gave me the markers.
To make myself pretty.
To color my amazing world.
To write my own description.
To draw my love and fantasy.

I am not bleak. That is wrong.

I am not blank. That is silly.

I know without a doubt…

I am

I am.