No you

No fingertips sliding over my skin this morning
No palms smoothing, admiring, awakening my curves
No breath at my ear, raising chills across my neck
No whispers of my dreams or your wonderings
No lips kissing away the ache
No tickles, or giggles, or squirming away as you chase me
No hand to hold while we wander or find adventure
No arm to wrap around me, to hold me, to keep me, to make me
No body to curl myself into in desperate moments like this, when I need it… when I need you

No touch to quell the loneliness
Loneliness that’s undiminished by a crowd of interest or the beauty of a constant and relentless life

I’m lonely for you.
Yes, you
Only you

I have
No you
Lonely Morning by mjagiellicz via