Enchanted Forest by Alphie0216 via DeviantArt.com

Your arms, your grasp,
Your breath at my ear,
Your beard on my neck,
Your lips and tongue sear.

My mind, my heart,
My tears wet my pillow,
My body defies me,
My breath becomes shallow.

Your fingers, your rhythm,
Your touch is so knowing
Your desire interupts me,
Your love just keeps growing.

My mouth, my core,
My lust is so sinful,
My thoughts disappearing,
My hope wonderful.

Your eyes, your soul,
Your whispered delight,
Your true love making,
Your satisfaction, so right.

My arms, my grasp,
My forced restitution,
My will bent to you,
My only solution.

Your final, your forever,
Your only wish granted,
Your rediscovered love,
Your life, enchanted.

My magic, my fate,
My truth to be slanted,
My growth to be known,
My life, enchanted.

Our dreams, or infinity,
Our world replanted,
Our sweet, simple everything,
Our life. Enchanted.

Magic Garden


The magic of spring refuses to go unnoticed.

My tulips in full bloom…

That snow-ball bush burgeoning with the promise of floral explosion…

Hostas reaching through the earth with more vibrancy than any year before…

Strawberry vines taking over my not quite forgotten vegetable garden, peppering the ground with sweet, white flowers…

Basil perfumes the air, along with the tiny, violet buds popping open on my lilac bush…

Soaking up the evening sun and languishing in the warm breeze…

Listening to the happy songs of the frogs, birds and crickets…

Breathing in the life all around and within me…

The magic of my garden is working hard to fill me up, light my smile and make me whole.

My magic.
The magic I make.
In my garden.