Sweet Dessert

I wish I could peel back my wrapper,
Break apart the dark sweetness inside,
So that I might share it with you,
Allow you to take pleasure from me in a new way.

I wish you could taste my gift,
One deliciously decadent bite at a time,
So that it might be a part of you,
Allow you to organize your emotions as I do.

I wish I could get you addicted to me,
With my special allure, savoring my words,
So that you might crave me, need me,
Allow me to teach you how.

I wish I could entice you to use me,
To use my gift as if it were your own,
So that I might know what your heart feels,
Allow me to experience words dedicated to me.

I wish, sweet husband, that you’d devour me completely,
Leaving nothing behind but that pretty, shiny wrapper,
So that I might feel the freedom that lies within you,
Allow me to live inside of you, in your heart and soul.

I wish that, since that isn’t possible,
You would nibble on me at every opportunity,
So that I might experience love the way I can,
Allow us to enjoy the dessert that is us, often.

How’s your sweet tooth?