We Could

Morning Cuddle by LordSylvanus via DeviantArt.com

I  could lie here beside you for hours.

Rubbing your neck and back, marking secrets on your skin with my fingertips, giggling and sighing softly when you guessed them, and pulling myself closer to you with each moment.

Eventually my warm body pressed against you, and wrapped around you, could send it’s own magical messages through you.

You could turn to touch my face and stroke my hair, whispering your bliss or gazing into my soul, entranced by my joyful eyes.

I could scratch through your beard, adoringly, until your eyes closed and complete contentment washed over you, leaving the sweetest smile on your lips.

We could make love and revel in it. Marinating in the pleasure of our lust and connection, enveloped in the exquisite perfection of each other.

We could stay in our bubble of passion until life forced our revival.

We could create our world however we want… force life to bend to our creation.

We could talk, dream, or luxuriate in that which only we share.

We could.

Can we?