The Dark and Light


“Do you see that spot, that place where the clouds touch the sun?”
“Yes, sweet girl… It’s beautiful.”
“Do you think that is where heaven is?”
“I don’t think heaven has quite such a fixed position.”
“I used to believe things about heaven… about who I might meet there one day.”
“Used to? You don’t anymore?”
“I don’t know. I think my idea of what heaven is has changed.”
“Tell me, little one.”
“Maybe heaven isn’t in the clouds, all white and comfortable… perhaps it’s really in the sun, where our spirits might feed the glow and light up the earth. Maybe heaven is really about fulfilling our destiny, ending our existence with something magical…”
“So, you don’t believe you’ll see your family again? Or friends? Or the loves of your life?”
“Not with my eyes, they are part of my body. I won’t hear them or touch them or get to kiss them…”
“That is sad, baby.”
“No, it is real. The human spirit has so much potential, I can’t imagine wasting it sitting around on clouds all day.”
“You have grown. Such strong ideas. But, what of God? Have you lost your faith?”
“God wouldn’t want us to be trapped within the limitations of our relationships. I think my idea takes Him into account more than yours.”
“Perhaps… Who can say?”
“Not you.”
“No. Not me.”
“I will be a solar flare. My spirit will burn hotter and brighter than many others, and I will be felt in our very atmosphere. My light will shine further than you could even imagine. A spark of magic that will not go unnoticed.”
“And what of me?”
“…Darkness is powerful, too.”
“But not as powerful as light, pretty girl. The dark will always be overtaken by the light.”


Wicked Seed


You sneak into my mind,
Tiny and unnoticed.
A simple thought.
The fragment of an idea.
Just a seed,
Hoping to grow and come alive.

Seeking out the deepest recess
To plant yourself, without detection,
You choose a dark, wet, hot place
To create your lurid home.

And as you settle into that
Soft, messy, delightful crevice,
You immediately begin to unfold.

Your roots unfurl,
Slithering around my darkest spaces.
Wrapping around those tender dreams,
And all of those needs and desires
I’ve tried to ignore for so long.

Marionetting my control,
Wrapping tightly around my power,
Teasing and testing my humiliation,
Penetrating my lust,
Torturing my thrill for pain…

Oh, but you don’t stop.
You’re still just a seed.
A wicked seed.
But you must to be nurtured.

As your stem rises,
Introducing yourself to my consciousness,
I am drawn to you.
A fantasy, unrealized?
A dream, not recalled?

An inspiration.
Awakening me completely,
Coursing through my imagination,
Until my surrender is eminent.

In masterful form,
You dominate my mind completely.
And when I am finally able
To help you flower,
I’m helpless…
In my own release.

You wicked seed.
I beckon you…
I beg and plead…

Please plant yourself in me…
Again and again!