Your perfect kiss


Like a healing balm
Soothing hurt
Calming worries
Rejuvenating my heart.

Like a cool breeze
Clearing fog
Lifting clouds
Tranquilizing my mind.

Like the summer sun
Warming skin
Feeding growth
Energizing my soul.

Like my favorite confection
Melting sweetness
Swirling decadence
Solidifying my addiction.

Like flint and steel
Making sparks
Creating light
Setting me on fire.

Like an amazing drug
Heating blood
Electrifying nerves
Leaving me pleading for more.

Like the ultimate orgasm
Building breathlessly
Pulsing exquisitely
Sending me through myself, endlessly.

I love your kiss. Your perfect kiss.
Can I please have more?

It all starts with a kiss

kiss by Tony-Guerrero via
kiss by Tony-Guerrero via

I want to kiss you.

To kiss your lips.
To feel you nibble on mine. To trace your upper lip with my tongue.
To push into your mouth and feel Your tongue. Dancing tentatively at first. Swirling around each other and pressing into each other.
To pull back and suck on your lip.
To softly press my lips to yours and sigh with desire.
Before kissing you again.

Hotter each time.
Until I’m desperate for your lips elsewhere.

My neck. Across my collarbone. Down to my breasts.

But I don’t want ONLY your lips.
I want your tongue to tease and tempt me. Taste me. Please taste me.
I want your teeth to nibble and graze me. Perhaps more. Harder… more demanding.
I want your palms to warm and soothe me, before finding fun places to smack and rub.
I want your fingers to knot in my hair, scratch down my back, pinch me, knead me, find slippery places to poke and tickle.

I want your cock. Without a doubt, I want your cock.

In my mouth, against my tongue, deep in my throat.
Between my breasts… One of the sexiest sights ever.
Teasing Your pussy, making me want you inside more than anything in the world.
Between my ass cheeks… you know how, don’t you?
In my ass. I’ve never wanted that before. But I do now.

I want to feel you pound my ass and pull my hair and cum all over me.

I want your cum. That magic elixir that will undoubtedly, only make me hornier. I want it.
I want to be your cum slut.
I want you.

But it all starts with a kiss.

And I really want to kiss you.