Garden beyond the woods


Find a seed, a pretty, sweet and simple seed

Plant it in your garden beyond the woods

Water it with your boundless words

Feed it with the warm glow of your attention

Watch it grow and blossom into something greater than you imagined

It’s roots twisting deep to reach what they need

It’s leaves uncurling in a magical dance of exploration

It’s flowers peppering the air with sweet, fragrant kisses of wonder


Find another seed, a different seed, a gorgeous seed

And plant it, also, in your garden beyond the woods

A true beauty, redesigning the plot with its exotic grace

It’s roots delve to new depths, avoiding the other, under your skillful training

It’s leaves, so glossy and bright, an amazing compliment to the delicate softness of the other

It’s gorgeous, young flower, luscious and vibrant, with perfume that intoxicates in its superior seduction


Watch your creations, excited and delighted, master of this space that is solely yours


Admire and adore your craft, reveling in your ability to control these natural wonders


Lovingly create these things for more than this… For more than you…

Your garden, beyond the woods cannot keep you

It overwhelms you

It overcomes you

It destroys you

So, You

Abandon the incredible gifts you created

Run to the woods

Dissolve into distance

Return to your heart

Your garden beyond the woods, so perfect in design

Made to keep each plant in isolation…

But, in your absence, the leaves, stems and vines branch out, searching for you

Instead, they find each other

They find another

They find your truth

They find closure


Might wither without the gifts of your passion

But they

Will thrive, free and wild, without your mediation

Yes. They

Will live on, in your garden, beyond the woods, and grow stronger and more incredible than you will ever be.