Just Because


You do not need a reason.

Just because.

When you lean in to kiss the skin of my breast, peaking above my neckline, you need no excuse at all.

When your hands explore me, even when time and place is inappropriate, you need not offer a defense.

When you press against me in the kitchen, and tease me with those delicious lips, you need not explain yourself.

When you lie in bed, feeling that which you cannot explain, and simply want me to climb on top of you to make you forget, you do not need a reason.

You never need a reason.

Whenever you want me, I am yours. Kiss me, spank me, rub me, hold me…
Whenever you need me, I will do anything to please you. I will kiss you, stroke you, lick you, suck you…
Whenever… Wherever… I am your plaything, your softness, your heat, your safe haven. Tell me what to do, and how.

You do not need a reason, my love.

I am yours.

Just because.