It’s not the feeling you get when you connect with someone and experience that complete euphoria that comes from the chemical reaction in your body around that person.
That’s infatuation.

It’s not the tightness in your chest when you are away from that person and have the constant urge to talk to, text or see them.
That’s obsession.

It’s not the desire to climb inside someone’s mind and know everything about them, all their stories, all their hurt, and all their joy.
That’s fascination.

It’s not the heat of desire that leaves you burning for them every second of every day, and ties you into messy knots when those urges go unsatisfied.
That’s passion.

It’s not the need to complete another person, become part of their world and entwine yourself in their life so tightly that you sometimes don’t see where they stop and you start.
That’s captivation.

It’s not the moments wasted when the chemicals dissipate, the urges wane, the knowledge is complete, the fire burns out and the relationship you share becomes dry, brittle and hollow.
That’s life.

It’s not making food, or cleaning the house, or changing the oil in the car, or buying clothes for the kids, or washing the dishes for the tenth night in a row.
That’s caring.

It’s not arguing or making up or going to counseling or turning your life upside down to find the reason you’re unhappy.
That’s marriage.

Love isn’t a thing or feeling or action.
It’s not chance. It’s not fate. It’s not required. It’s not luck.

It’s just not.

It is the thing you control, during all of these moments that it’s not,

It is a decision you must make, every waking moment of your life.

It is a choice you have, in the good when you can’t imagine another way, and the bad when you don’t think you can hold on.

Love is simply a choice!

Choose wisely.