forehead kisses


unknown artist, found on Tubmlr

in the ungrateful grip of
life’s swelling stress
the obligatory demand to be
useful, responsible, helpful

my mind is a hot swarm
of angry darkness
diluted only by anticipation

a hope

that your gaze might quiet
the storm behind my eyes

that your soft, warm kiss
might press peace inside

that your firm, gentle hands
might offer escape
from that brutal
I lock myself
to keep the world safe
from my wicked

hold me hard

kiss me savagely

fuck the thoughts away

but make me ok
with that gentle
of a kiss given only to

the cherished

the adored

the precious

your reward will be

Let me love you

Come, baby girl, sit on my lap.
Feel safe
Let me love you.

A kiss on the forehead,
To melt away the worries that haunt you.

A kiss on the nose,
To show you, you are cherished.

A kiss on each fingertip,
Because you are precious to me.

A kiss on each palm,
Because everything you do is precious to me.

A kiss on your lips,
To steal your breath.

Another, deeper kiss,
To give you MY breath.

A kiss in your hair,
Because I need your essence.

A kiss behind your ear,
To make you my mess.

Come baby,
Now give me your kisses.


Feel safe.

Let me love you.