Candy Girl

Miss Gingerbread by Ophelia-Overdose via
Miss Gingerbread by Ophelia-Overdose via

She’s got it all,

Those red hot lips,
sweet soft tongue,
taffy tits.

She is a doll,

So cute with hearts,
ribbons, and bows,
all those parts.

Her pretty hair,

Like cotton candy,
tied in tails,
smells just dandy.

She’s so fair,

Staring at you,
with lust filled eyes,
what a view.

You’d never guess,

That she’s a witch,
prepared to poison,
with just a twitch.

She’s just a pest,

That sweet little thing,
she’s incomplete,
but so tempting.

She’ll break your heart,

Sex so divine,
she may just leave you,
weak and blind.

Still, play your part,

Your wicked plan,
for you’re her reason.
You are The Man.

And after you’ve,

Tasted how sweet,
desire can be,
where lovely thighs meet.

You could prove,

By holding tight,
kiss her, breathe her,
through the night.

That it is you,

Who is immune,
to her sweet venom,
and she will swoon.

Then, it IS You,

Who will decide,
if she’s just a conquest,
or your candy bride.