Voluptuous Woman 2 (edited) by darsigu via Deviant Art.com

Do you see it? Feel it?
The glory it is to be a woman?

Silky skin
Sweet lips
Delicious curves
Inviting hips

Our bodies alone can render you speechless.

Can you hear it? Smell it? Taste it?
All the intoxicating loveliness of a female?

Sultry whispers
Vixen moans
Scent of lust
Salty folds

Our sexuality is difficult to ignore.

Do you sense it?
My pure, messy, luscious desire?

Filling your mind, consuming your thoughts, invading your dreams…

Want me,
Need me,
Be good to me…

You’ve got me.


More beautiful than ever before, I wait for you to take what is yours.

Aware of and in love with every
Curve, Bend, Fold, Point, and Dip, I silently will you to explore.

My wild but silky mane calls for your grip.

My soft and supple lips beg for your kiss.

The sweet smell of my skin beckons to be inhaled.

The tender flesh of my neck temps you to bite.

My tight peaked, heavy breasts long for your plying fingers.

My round, luscious ass bewitches you with its sway.

The length of my legs, perfect for wrapping around you.

The delectable, warm and wanton petals between them drip to be manipulated by you.

My nibble fingers, anxious to explore  your form.

My hungry mouth, desperate for a taste of your pleasure.

And the replete emptiness at my core cries out to be forced open and filled by you.

The perfection of my femininity should have you swimming in arousal.

And you will be, filled with desire and anticipation, every time you look at me.

I will make you want me.

I am resolute.