the dress by butterfly-cool via DeviantArt

Everything feels more intense. My skin responds to every breeze, every brush of an insect wing or blade of grass, every flutter of my dress.

I am more than alive, I am life. The often overwhelming disagreement inside my head silenced.

The simple act of slipping on a dress which means so little to most is an act of exuberance to her. Like unlocking handcuffs that have been worn for a lifetime.

In that dress, she is freedom and flight, grace and mercy, beauty in a form that is so bright, it is almost blinding.

A simple dress settles the distress of forty years held captive in ill-fitting trousers meant to subdue and yet inflate. There is supposed to be power inside those two legged garments.

But in this dress, I feel more powerful than ever before. She is being true to herself. Finally. Permanently.


I am her. She is me. We both have a secret.


It lies within that dress.



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beauty isn't makeup.
beauty isn’t makeup. by shutter_shooter via

Beneath the glitter
Glow and shine
I am
Very Simple
Taught that plain
Is not pretty
So many well meaning
Of femininity
Each of those lectures
Handed me a blade
A weapon to use
Either upon those
Ugly girls
Who didn’t listen
Or to wield against
So that I only
Would have to suffer
The agony
Of being
I chose the
But now
I see the lies
Inside those sermons
For we are
In the skin
We were

Pin Up Girl



You see her and can’t tear your eyes away.

Her soft, full lips beg to be kissed.
Her seductive stare with thick, long lashes almost seems alive with lust.
Her skin that seems almost impossibly flawless.
Her body… It doesn’t matter what she wears, her body needs to be bent to your will!

To be the pretty, little thing young men fantasize about.
To be the conquest more confident men would strive for.
To be the object that might meet your every desire.

She wants to be your pin up girl.
Hung in your closet.
Taped to the wall above your work bench.
Pinned to the door of your playroom.

You know she wants you.
Imagine if she were yours!
Wonder if she’s real…

I want to be a pin up girl.