Dear momma…

I know you feel me, in here, spinning and dancing, flipping and kicking. It is soooo much fun!! I hope you don’t mind.

I want you to know, I really like it when you sing. Especially the crazy songs you and bubbie make up. He’s funny!

When you swing or walk, I get real sleepy. But, I love it when you rock and sing. I hope you do that a lot. Forever.

I love it when Daddy tickles you. It makes me giggle, too. And when you stay up late talking. I like his voice, it’s nice.

I’m sorry about waking you up at night to give me milk already. I really like that stuff. It’s yummy. I’m also sorry that means you have to get up again to go potty… But I’m growing! I need my milk. And you may as well get used to it, now!

I can’t really be sorry about the other foods. You can blame me for your cravings, I’m ok with it. As long as you keep giving in when it’s something I really want.

I’m getting bigger, and I know sometimes I make you uncomfortable. But, it’s really cushy in here and makes me want to bounce. I know you like that too. Even if you complain.

I know, because you do it too. You play that fun, thumpy music, and dance around. When I’m born, I hope you’ll still bounce me like that.

I love you, momma. I can’t wait to see you. I bet you’re even prettier than I imagine.

And don’t worry. I don’t really like pale colors either. I bet we both look better in bright pink, anyway!!

Your dancing flower
(19 weeks)

Flower Baby by picturebaby via

22 thoughts on “Dear momma…

    1. Sometimes pregnancy isn’t fun. Gaining five pounds in a week is a super scary thing, especially when you’ve been working so hard to LOSE weight (pre-pregnancy). Ugh. But feeling her in there is awesome!


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